Promotional calendars work great | Canada Custom Calendars

Promotional calendars work great. They provide the frequency of contact with the target audience. All new and new people come in contact with promotional calendars every day. Statistics show that 90% of respondents confirmed that they had received various promotional products. Most of them use corporate custom calendars and therefore, they are in contact with the advertiser at least once a day. More than 50% positively think of a company or brand that gave them promo calendar. For comparison: only 28% of TV viewers and, accordingly, 38% of radio listeners remembered the advertised brand, which indicates low effectiveness of these advertising media compared with the use of promotional calendars. Promotional calendars can be used for advertising campaigns, both high-and low-budget. The variety of calendar types and company logos on them allows clients to easily plan the cost of the promotional campaign and its circulation. Studies have also shown that many people begin to relate to companies with more sympathy after receiving of a free business calendar. More than 61%, said that after receiving a pleasant calendar they want to look for company products. Thus, promotional calendars has a positive impact on the attraction of new clients. Promotional calendars are characterized by low cost, compared with the mass media advertisement.

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