Promotional calendars are everywhere | Canada Custom Calendars

Today more and more companies use this type of promo products as promotional calendars. Today they can be found almost everywhere – on the desks of employees or clients, on the walls. Such calendars, in addition to its direct purpose, also fulfill the information function – they tell about your products and services! Today the printing of promotional calendars is a whole industry, which, through the use of the latest technology, has enormous potential. For you, can manufacture a desk or wall calendars. Wall calendars are the most popular. It is convenient to see the important information, if it is at eye level, wall calendar did not interfere and will not be lost in the multitude of other things. Single-page The most common comfortable wall promo calendar – calendar-poster (one-page). As a rule, this is a rather large format sheet (A2 or A3). A large part of the simple-page wall calendar is the image and the calendar is the calendar grid for the whole year at the bottom of promo calendar. Great importance is well read the calendar grid, because sometimes you have to consider the calendar with a fairly long distances. The most functional of all kinds of wall calendar is a calendar in which simultaneously can be seen just three months. It is the most convenient type of calendars for planning events. Quarterly calendars are several types: triple with three advertising fields. three-block with the same ad field and a single-piece. You can choose themes, designs, sizes and even colors promo calendars – we implement your ideas in a short time. In addition, you ask our designers.

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