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No wonder almost all companies use the calendar as advertising media. One of the enormous advantages of the calendar is that almost all people use them at home and at work. So it is quite logical that advertising can where man looks if not every day, quite regularly, and most importantly – on their own. All these factors lead to the fact that often review advertising is perceived and, accordingly, is remembered already on a subconscious level. However, there are features for maximum efficiency of such advertising, its style and design should be not irritating, so that the person does not feel discomfort. The calendar can be done in different ways, and, accordingly, advertising in a variety of calendars should also be different. For example, if the calendar is great and is almost one page, calculated for the entire year, then it would be more appropriate image advertising of the enterprise, but on a multi-page calendar advertising or product groups (or the goods themselves), or departments (divisions) of the enterprise. Ordering of promotional calendars, nice to have a general idea of what calendars models, and for what purposes calendars will be ordered for, and the details to clarify directly with an advertising firm. The calendar is a great way to remind yourself to your customers at the beginning or at the end of the year. Sending your calendars those with whom you work or will work you achieve several goals simultaneously.

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